Metal Roofing Options 101

Posted May 25th, 2018 in Learning


“Get it done ASAP” has become a common phrase in today’s high speed world. However, the best solution to any problem is not always with speed, but rather with accuracy that is backed by knowledge and professionalism. Get the job done right the first time. 

Take a rusted, leaking metal roof for example and you have three basic options:

Option #1: A Complete Metal Roof Replacement.

Although this option may seem like the obvious go-to, there are a lot of factors at hand that need to be considered before agreeing to such an undertaking. Always consider the costs involved in removing and disposing of the old metal roof material, as heavy equipment is in most times required and would in turn increase the price per square foot.

Another consideration (depending on the business) is the risk involved in exposing the building to the wrath of Mother Nature. Pollutants, environmental particles, dust and debris entering during construction could be detrimental to specific companies. Take a food processing plant as an example, where a controlled atmosphere must be ensured at all times in order to meet proper health codes. Operations could come to a standstill, costing thousands in lost revenue. Risk of water leaking onto expensive equipment could in turn cost manufacturing and fabricating plants thousands in repair and/or replacement costs.

Lastly, always check the fine print on warranty coverages, as this alone may be the deciding factor, falling short of certain expectations.

Option #2: A Metal Roof Spray Coating System. Depending on the severity of rust, this option may not even be available. Keep in mind that when covering over rust, corrosion can eventually eat through a coating, unless otherwise removed before hand. Different coatings offer specific life spans, usually the shorter one resulting in a temporary fix.

Other considerations are also weather permitting, as a windy day can very easily blow wet particulate and chemicals into the air, landing on vehicles, siding, plants and possibly people within a certain distance of the blast. Various coating systems offer different benefits but always keep in mind the overall price and duration. If a building needs to be redone in ten years, when it could have been done the right way and lasted 40 years – there needs to be a serious consideration regarding longevity, budget and company building goals long-term.

Option #3: A Retrofitted PVC Overlay System. Keeping your building and its contents safe is the ultimate goal with any roof system. Option #3 delivers the best of both worlds with the most peace-of-mind. Overlay systems do not require the building envelope to be exposed to Mother Nature at any time. The existing roof is simply filled with a pre-cut insulation board, layered with an EPS or Polyisocyanurate insulation board. The R-Value of a building can be increased considerably, resulting in a warmer building during the winter months and cooling costs lowered during the hotter months. Light weight and accompanied with a superior warranty covering both material and labour makes for a completely monolithic, waterproof system.

Choosing a company such as Watertite Roofing, who holds over 40 years of successful industry experience, backed with Duro-Last’s 40 years of manufacturing expertise makes for 80+ years of time-tested knowledge and professionalism.