Reap the Financial Benefits of Upgrading Your Old Metal Roof

Posted Sep 19th, 2018 in Learning

Many building owners these days are researching how to save more money, while ensuring the products they have installed outlast the rest. Upgrading a leaking, rusty metal roof has never been easier and more effective with a Duro-Last Cool Zone® roofing system. 


This white reflective PVC membrane leads today’s metal roofing industry with the best, most effective and long-lasting system on the market. 

Here are just two examples of why Watertite Roofing recommends this method:

1.      Increased R-value can in turn significantly lower heating costs by thousands of dollars a year.

(Example #1): A large manufacturing plant upgraded their metal roofed facility to a PVC Overlay System, which in turn increased their R-value by 40%. The company saved a total of $400.00 a month in heating costs, which over a five month time span during those cold Canadian months (November to March), equated to $2,000.00 in savings. Multiply this over ten years and you end up asking yourself - What would your company do with an extra $20,000.00?

2.      Deflect the sun’s heat from your building by anywhere from 87.5% to 95%, significantly lowering cooling costs.

(Example #2): A wood working manufacturing facility decided to go with a white PVC overlay system and after the product was installed their energy consumption was cut in more than half during the top three hottest Canadian months (June to August). They now run their A/C at less than half of what they previously did, saving over $600+ a month in energy cooling costs. This in turn equates to approximately $1,600.00+ a year, multiplied by 10 years and you think to yourself … since our bottom dollar increased by $16,000.00 … remember that new piece of equipment we needed?