Aligning Company Morals, Ethics & Values in B2B Relationships

Posted Apr 9th, 2019

Nothing is more important than the need to be morally responsible in a business relationship.


Aligning your business with companies that have a conscience, who want to please cannot be overstated.  In a business to business relationship, there will always be things that need clarification or adjusting.  That’s the way business works.  A plan is made and agreed to.   It is not a perfect or totally predictable world.  Little things come along that change the intended plan.  It is at this point that businesses rise and fall.   

Businesses with strong morals and ethics believe in immediately sorting out concerns, issues, and changes in a fair and honest way.  This is one of the most important measuring sticks in any business to business relationship. 

Liken business relationships to a game of life where each business starts out with 100 points.  For things that go bump in the night or are handled incorrectly points are deducted.  Over time, line item concerns need to be sorted out to a win-win conclusion.  

No business wants to lose points while no one attends to underlying customer concerns.   It is most important that the customer knows you are working hard to resolve the problem.

There will always be tests that people in business will have to work through.  The best way to deal with issues and concerns is to start by telling the truth. Use fairness as a guide line.  Express a positive attitude, with an intension to work to resolve a problem to a positive outcome.   

Danny Diveto plays a Lawyer in the movie “War of the Roses”; when asked by his client Michael Douglas “how much should I give my wife” – (in their Divorce settlement), he was told   “Give until you bleed.”  That is sound advice to those of us in business who wonder how far should I go to resolve a business problem or concern.   

Each member of your business represents your brand.  Empowering your entire team to sort out little problems with clients is a great start.  If a concern or issue cannot be quickly resolved at the customer contact level; then the matter needs to be immediately brought forward to Management.  At this level, client’s desire a timely, satisfactory conclusion. It is in everyone’s best interest that bending and blending be given full consideration to solve a problem.  

The client is paying for a service which in turn pays your wages.  Don’t ever forget that.  The customer is always right.   That is the best approach until they are proven wrong.   Liken that being innocent until proven guilty.  That’s the least we should do.   

Principally centered values drive the business ball down the center of the fairway.  When the ball gets knocked into the rough, as it sometimes does; businesses are expected to recalculate what went wrong and immediately fix it.  Beyond fixing the problem, there remains the inconvenience created by what went wrong and that it may happen again.  That needs to be quickly and satisfactorily dealt with and resolved. 

Points are added when appropriate adjustments are made with a high degree of concern and completing them in a timely manner.  

The strength of a business is not how well they do the job.  That is expected.  Things are expected to be done well.  It is when things go wrong that the true colors of any business rises or falls. How they deal with problems is what will be remembered. 

In business, best we care more, give more and check to see if the customer is happy with the result.

By President, Archie A.D. Merigold