Metal Retrofit Roofing

Posted Feb 28th, 2020 in Learning

When thinking about metal roofing solutions and what options there are for your old, rusty metal roof remember that technology has come a long way over the decades when it comes to metal roofs and how to give your building a roofing upgrade.

Most commercial building owners have various monthly issues to continuously deal with and fix. There’s always the common plumbing, paving and grounds to upkeep but when it comes to a metal roof, most people hope they will last as long as absolutely possible!

When we think about metal roofs, the words strength, endurance, protection and longevity come to mind. No matter how strong that metal roof is built (especially in the Northern climates), there will always be Mother Nature to come along with freeze and thaw cycles that create heaving and shifting throughout the entire building envelope.

Metal Roofing Overlay systems, otherwise known as metal roofing retrofits, are not only a smart investment but also a very attractive option with greater benefits than most available options in today’s market.

Think about increasing your roofs R-value from the outside in. Think about putting one of the most lightweight, durable roof systems onto your building while allowing the old underlying roof a chance to breathe and shift without having to worry about popped fasteners and failing gaskets. Think about putting a monolithic skin over your entire metal roof with an underlayment of customized flute-filler insulation, all while creating a unique upgraded look to your entire facility. Keep your building warmer in the winter with a re-insulated roof and cooler in the summer with white reflectivity all the while enjoying the added benefits of a 20 year warranty.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Roofing has become one of the smartest roofing options and ways to deal with an old metal roof. Metal roofs inherently expand and contract. As a ‘live roof’ system, PVC roofing is malleable, providing give and take as the old steel roofing panels expand and contract.

A PVC roof is a ‘Cool Roof’ system. Membrane colors are often light are highly reflective. This keeps the building cooler during those hotter months. Different types of insulation are available with varying thicknesses, allowing a completely customized R-value upgrade.

So when you are thinking about getting a few quotes for your old, leaking metal roof remember there are more options out there than you may know. Look into Metal Roofing PVC Overlay Systems with Watertite and how your building envelope can get that roofing upgrade it so much deserves.