Common Steel Roofing Problems

Trouble Fasteners

The rubber gaskets on a steel roofing fastener wear away depleting the water tight seal. Also, the natural movements of a structure causes the fasteners securing your roof to ‘pop’ out of place.

Roof Penetrations

The expanding and contracting of the steel roofing materials causes the seal around roof penetrations to crack. These are often temporarily repaired with roof patch sealants, with repairs lasting only months.

Termination Gaskets

Each gasket is installed at the terminating end of a steel roof, preventing rain and snow from blowing underneath the perimeter. These gaskets deteriorate, become dislodged and blow away.

Cracked Steel Roofing

Steel Roofing panels can be cracked and damaged during installation. Once installed, steel panels can also heave and crack with movement of the building due to freezing and thawing cycles.

Corrosion & Rust

After years of service, the galvanizing wears away from steel roofing and panels rust. Over time rust depletes the strength of the roofing panels. Airborne pollutants in many industrial areas expedite this process.

Loose Seams

The expansion and contraction from weather and environment causes strain, pulling and cracking seals - creating loose gaps at steel roof seams.