Converting a rusted, leaking metal roof into an energy saving, stronger and more long-term cost-effective solution has never been easier. Every single metal roof out there has the perfect retrofit system available with Duro-Last PVC.

Benefits provided with an upgraded Duro-Last PVC Overlay System:

-     Duro-Last PVC retrofit overlay systems are like putting a new, strong & durable metal roof over your building that will easily last well over 30+ years

-     Enjoy 15, 20 & 25 year warranty systems that cover both material and labour

-     Upgrade your building’s R-value (depending on the layering technique and material thickness chosen); the R-value of your building can be completely upgraded from the outside-in

-     Save on cooling costs during the warmer months (white roofing reflects 65% of the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere, cutting cooling costs by over half)

-     Details such as vents, stacks & other protrusions are enveloped with a precision made enclosure that is manufactured in a controlled setting

-     HVAC units are lifted up, with a specialized skirt of membrane tucked in and around each unit, offering a guaranteed water-proofed peace-of-mind