Hamilton Wentworth Teacher’s Union:

The staff at Hamilton-Wentworth Teacher’s Local 105 had endured multiple recurring roof leaks. Their steel roof had passed its service life and required a new waterproofing solution. The steel ridge cap had contorted and warped from years of expansion and contraction. (Refer to Pic #1).This created large gaps along the seams of the ridge cap where rain and thawing snow were penetrating the roof envelope (Refer to Pic #2).

Watertite Roofing was asked to provide a long-term waterproofing solution with an increased R-Value, because the building was subject to temperature swings depending on the weather. As opposed to removing the existing steel roof assembly, we utilized it as the roof deck for our new roof system. We installed 1.25” of EPS insulation in the steel flutes. This both increased the roof’s R-value and created a flat surface for us to install an additional 2” of Polyisocyanurate insulation (Refer to Pic #3). The new insulations provided a total thermal upgrade of 16 R-Value. Upon this we installed a Duro-Last metal retrofit roof system complimented by a 20 year manufacturer’s Materials & Labour warranty. The temperatures in the building now remain stable thanks to additional insulation and white roofing membrane, and all leaks have ceased (Refer to Pic #4).

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