Win Chemicals:

Win Chemicals standing-seam metal roof assembly became problematic over the years due to the four large HVAC units and their corresponding ductwork assemblies penetrating the roof deck. (Refer to Pic #1)

Various repair attempts had been made over the years using roll/brush applications; however the mechanical units vibrated when running and it was these vibrations that continued to wear further cracks through each coating. (Refer to Pic #2)  

There were also skylights through this roof that leaked around their penetrations. Different coatings had also been applied to these but water found its way through the decking and leaks persisted. (Refer to Pic #3)

We identified that with the current roof system, there were no other repair options than the ones that had previously been taken without success. Instead, we retrofitted the existing steal roof with a Duro-Last metal retrofit system. This directly addressed the issues concerning leaking roof penetrations as in addition to installing Duro-Last membrane across the roof, we extended the membrane up the leaking curb and duct details providing a cladding solution that would last the life of the Duro-Last roof system. This was the best solution, as even with the vibrations from the HVAC units, the Duro-Last membrane is malleable and will sustain its seal through the vibrations. (Refer to Pic #4)

The skylight penetrations were handled in the same way. (Refer to Pic #5)

Being a Standing-Seam roof assembly, the roof had 4” deep valleys that were filled with insulation in order to provide a flat surface to install the Duro-Last system atop. (Refer to Pic #6) As a by-product, the building enjoyed an R-Value upgrade of R-16. (Refer to Pic #7)

The Duro-Last metal retrofit overlay system was installed within a week’s time, with full completion of install after five days.

(Refer to Pic’s #8, #9 & #10 ~ Before, During & After)

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